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Back when I first started out, I had no mentor or any manual or blueprint worth a darn like you have access today. Between the Internet, a book, and a place to get your business cards designed and printed up, you can easily fast forward a learning curve that took me at least 10 years, down to 1-2 years.

And on top of all that, now I have my YouTube channel so you can see the exact processes, techniques, tools, and products I use to run and operate my professional mobile detailing business that has provided me with a very nice living, and most importantly, allowed me to create the life I wanted for myself!

So stay tuned into this website as I am constantly updating it with more and more information, but don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and see me in action within the real world of my professional car detailing business.


Auto Detailing Trends You Should Know Before Even Starting Your Business

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Starting your own auto detailing business may require proper work space, equipment, chemicals and a keen eye for attention to detail. A modest investment may require to start a detailing business, Depending on the scope and type of services you offer. Just like any other business, you have to carefully plan your company operations, market and advertise, and skilled people to perform quality work. Physical fitness and stamina is a must, as is the ability to work with a variety of hand tools, machines and chemicals without damaging your customer’s expensive property.

First Things First

“Choose A Cool Auto Detailing Business Name!”
That’s true; you really get to decide a name for your new business! And don’t act like you haven’t had about 1000 different ideas floating through your head already!

Now you need to make that critical decision and must know what you are going to call your new path to become a successful business man!

7 Steps Before Starting an Auto Detailing Business

Step 1
Apply for a local business permit at your town or county clerk’s office, and obtain a tax registration certificate from your state’s department of revenue. If you are operating as a corporation or LLC, file the necessary paperwork with your state’s secretary of state office. You will also need to apply for an employer identification number from the Internal Revenue Service if you plan on hiring employees.

Step 2
Rent or purchase a facility for your business operations with adequate drainage, water supply and ventilation. Your local government may require zoning, business planning or environmental clearances before you begin operation, so check with authorities in your area for licenses and clearance requirements before you buy or rent. You will also need a phone installed, or use a cell phone.

Step 3
Purchase business insurance. Insurance is highly recommended as you will be liable for possible damage to customer property.

Step 4
Purchase marketing aids and other printed goods (signage, business cards, brochures, fliers, invoices, work orders) from a local sign maker and printer. Deal with local businesses whenever possible, as you are embarking on your own local business venture and would expect the same patronage.

Step 5
Purchase detailing chemicals from a detail supplier or other local auto chemical store. The necessary chemicals will vary according to preference and the type and scope of work you will perform, but will include at least car wash soap, wax, window, tire, wheel carpet and upholstery cleaner and treatments.

Step 6
Purchase detailing tools from a detail supplier or other local tool store. Tools will vary according to preference and the type and scope of work, but will include at least a vacuum, wax buffer, cleaning towels, sponges, brushes, buckets, hoses and window squeegees.

Step 7
Market your business by installing signage at your facility, handing out or mailing fliers to local businesses and homes and other marketing methods you desire. Consider placing advertisements in newspapers and local organization or association publications. Try to establish relationships with auto repair shops or other businesses that work with many car owners.

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